Ryan Sebastian

Ryan Sebastian

Tony Alcocer -

I first met Ryan in the forums on Rocketry Planet. He went by the name of RyanS.

Ryan was not your typical snotty nosed kid that flew Estes rockets at the local park. Ryan got involved in rocketry at the age of 8 thanks to his uncle and Dad. He flew back east and was very knowledgeable in Experimental Rocketry.

Ryan graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/ Aerospace. Shortly after gradating Ryan got a job with AeroJet and moved to Sacramento. Shortly after his move to Sacramento I got an email. "Hey Tony where do you get all your Ex chems?" It wasn't too long after that, that he began having drums of "stuff" sent to my house. It was easier for him to have it sent to my place and I did get in on the buy. I'd be at work and get a call from my wife telling me there was another drum on our driveway.

In 2012 Ryan and his long time friend David Hailey began work on a series of rockets named Honey Badger. It was very interesting to see what some good high power rocket guys, with college degrees in Aerospace and working in the biz, could come up with.

  • 2012 - Honey Badger1 40K 42G Mach 2.5 quot-Min-Diameter
  • 2013 - Honey Badger2 53K 51G Mach 3.1 Honey-Badger-2
  • 2014 - Honey Badger 2.1 63K 69G Mach 3.9 

Ryan wrote an article for the FALL 2014 AEROPAC Newsletter on the Honey Badger 2.1 flight at MUDROCK 2014.

In 2014 Ryan joined SpaceX. Got married to his long time girlfriend Caitlin and was diagnosed with cancer.

When we would talk on the phone it was mostly about rockets, research motors and what other people were up to. Ryan and Caitlin added a new member to their family on June 6th 2017. Little Charlie was born premature. 9 days later Ryan passed away with family and friends at his side. I always try to make the best out of things when life sucks. I'm still trying to figure out the "good" on this! "These photos of Ryan were flown to space and returned aboard the first flight of booster serial number 1036 on June 25th, 2017.


Ryan was a loved member of the SpaceX community and he will be profoundly missed," - Kaitlyn Sebastian