Launch Pads

Launch guidance

AeroPac can support most types of launch guidance.

The club is heavily invested in

  1. Black Sky Launch Rail for use with small rail buttons.
  2. 80/20 Launch Rail for use with large rail buttons.
  3. For 1/2" launch lugs we use 7/16" Launch Rods to prevent binding.
  4. For 1/4" lugs we use 1/4" Launch Rods.

 Contact the Launch Director for questions about specific requirements or if you wish to bring your own.  When setting up your own equipment at an Aeropac launch there are several things to keep in mind. 

  • A blast deflector must be used, even though the playa will not burn.  The heat from an engine will cause the playa silt to harden and leave a scar.
  • When entering the launch pad area be sure not to drive on any of the cables.

The club usually has large and small rail buttons for sale at launches and club meetings.

Figure 1 Black Sky Rail on left, 80/20 rail on right.  

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Figure 2 Rail Buttons to fit the rails in figure 1.  

Figure 3 Rail Buttons dimensions.  

Figure 4 Metal Rail Buttons like those above are not allowed. Metal buttons damage the rails.  Metal rail guides are currently allowed while the effects of their use is being evaluated.  

Figure 5 Metal launch lugs or something like the pictured ACME Engineering's Conformal Launch Lugs are fine for use on launch rods.